Justina Winfrey, is a burst of positive energy, with a passion for community. Her name originates, from the foundation of “Justice." Raised on the west side of Chicago, in the Austin community, 28th ward. Her roots are grounded in the deep south of Kosciusko, Mississippi and the Caribbean island of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Justina is the founder of Computer Advancement Bilingual Education (C.A.B.E.), servicing families across the Chicago area, through life skills based, educational training's and workshops.

She partnered with several CPS schools to develop an effective stakeholder structure, while delivering innovative technology training's and community forums in bilingual education. C.A.B.E. is built around the concept: “To Fit, To Be Possible”. C.A.B.E., is a green and sustainable organization. Justina, is also, a founding member of the National Black Agenda Consortium (NBAC) and believes, strong community partnerships are an integral component toward the positive development of our environment. Having partnered with a Chicago based Legal Clinic (Resistance Legal Clinic), Justina also focuses on developing programs for families, geared toward revitalizing communities most impacted by foreclosures.

She continues her work with J.L. Winfrey Consulting, as the Principal Consultant for various research projects, business and not-for-­profit development. J.L. Winfrey Consulting’s mantra, “UNITE. CREATE. SUSTAIN” and “Bringing your ideas to life”, is an affirmation of her professional experience. She has more than fifteen combined years of experience in community, government and corporate relations, project management and not­-for-­profit organizational management. More than ten years of experience in Press and Media Relations. Additionally, eight years of experience in sales/marketing and event management.

Justina is a Political Scientist, presently pursuing post baccalaureate degrees. A former Quinn Fellow and Chicago-Kent College of Law Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholar. Justina is a decorated scholar and alumni of Chicago State University's highly respected political science program. She is a community leader, with active roles on several action committees.